The Apprentice – No Joy For Joy

Week two and it was goodbye to two candidates as Joy Stefanicki was fired and Raleigh Addington quit the show – both missing out on a trip to Wentworth for a day’s golf.

With the boys now two men down, Lord Sugar switched banker Stella English over to Synergy – with Stella promising to “whip the boys into shape” and taking over as Project Manager.

Over on the girl’s team Laura Moore took over the reigns as Project Manager as both teams were tasked to come up with a new beach accessory.

Last week the girls seemed the more professional team but this week they were all over the place. They struggled to put an idea together and at the last minute went with Joanna’s book holder, before arguing and shouting over each other throughout the task.

Meanwhile the boys, under Stella’s control, came up with an idea (the towel that stores & cools things) and completed the task with what appeared to be relative ease – and showed she’s not only good with figures but has a good figure by being the model for the photo shoot.

Back in the Boardroom and the orders were counted with the boys getting a rather small 100 whilst the girls got a show record – no orders at all. The girls had apparently lost out by not agreeing to give Boots exclusivity, however both pitches were not great and may help answer the low figures as the towel actually seemed a great idea.

After the girls continued to argue as a team in the Boardroom, Karen Brady gave them a piece of her mind and told them what a bad example they were setting, before Laura finally elected to bring Joy and Joanna back in – the noisey one and the quiet one.

Lord Alan accepted maybe it wasn’t all Laura’s fault she couldn’t control the girls this time and in a slightly suprising twist, decided to fire the quiet one – Joy – citing her wanting to take a back seat in both tasks as a reason for her going.

Raleigh quit the show after finding out his elder brother was injured by an IED in Afghanistan whilst serving as a Captain in the Army. Initially in a coma, Ed Addington is now recovering and able to walk albeit currently aided by a stick.

Raleigh is now working for Tickets for Troops – a not for profit, organisation dedicated to offering free tickets for musical, sporting and cultural events.

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  1. I have to agree that Stella really showed her managerial capabilities this week.

    While the girls bickered like the boys did last week, Synergy actually worked well as a group, despite lacking some decent presentation skills.

    A highlight for me was Karen Brady’s attack of the girls. They were setting a bad example for potential business women everywhere. I can imagine a few cheers from female viewers everywhere for Karen when she said that.

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