The Apprentice – Oh No Paloma’s Tanked It!!

Yet another close one this week as only £500 separated the winners from the losers.

It was Fashion Week this week on The Apprentice and Lord Sugar switched the teams around and then made Liz and Paloma the project managers.

Both Project Managers did a good job this week and lead reasonably good teams – obviously there were issues (it’s The Apprentice after all) but they were certainly not the car crash style of Melissa and Shibby from the bakery task.

Given some fashion designers to get two brands to sell and then put together a shop and a promotional unit, both teams went at surprisingly well and seem to be not making the same mistakes as in the past.

The best fashion items seemed to be the glittery dresses which both Apollo and Synergy wanted but were given to Synergy as it was felt by the designer they would better represent them after Liz and her team got very enthusiastic over selling them – even asking to try the dresses on.

Alex pitched himself as the “Manchester Fashion Guru” as he’d worked in the Trafford Centre in previous years. A point picked up on You’re Fired with Dara O’Brien where the question was asked, “was he using a V-shaped broom at the time he worked there“.

For someone that knew The Trafford Centre like the back of his hand, Alex made the mistake of having the promo unit a long way from the shop – so reducing referrals from it.

Once again the editing was making it look like Paloma’s team were winning when in the end it was Liz’s with a £3,700 against £3,200 victory.

Opting to take Alex and Sandeesh back in to the boardroom it looked a tough call for the board…until Paloma opened her mouth right at the end and, instead of saying why she should be kept on, went into why the other two should be sacked. It was then by by to Paloma.

Winners this week? Strangely Alex as he did come up with the video idea and some of what he said was right. Chris did well selling the “Tie Dress” and for making that weird army jumper thing he was wearing look vaguely cool. Special mention as well must go to Liz and Stella who looked great in the sparkly dresses.

Losers this week? Paloma was the biggest one for opening her mouth when keeping it shut would probably have sent Sandeesh down. And Alex. Yes he made some good points but boy was he irritating!! We’re still looking for the Professor of Retail on Google as well…

Juts in case you think that’s it for another week of The Apprentice, stayed tuned as we may have a bit more to come ;)

Oh, and here’s a quick recap in case you missed it!


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