The Apprentice – Series 6 v Series 1

You’ve probably guessed we’re big fans of The Apprentice, but it may come as a bit of a surprise we’ve tracked down The Apprentice – Series One (yes, you can watch it online).

The format is still the same but it’s a little more “raw” than it is now (and they don’t have the after-show “You’re Fired”), but the biggest difference is the contestants.

Whereas now they are “the best salesperson / businessperson / manager / entrepreneur in the world”, back then they were slightly more modest about their achievements.

Yes there were the usual characters that you thought were really annoying (how did Adele Lock survive so long?) but they seemed more ready to accept their mistakes and things they did that were not so great.

The thing that brought a smile though was that the show is now in it’s sixth series – has any of the current bunch watched the old shows and learnt?

If so, why do issues that occurred in series one still occur in series six? They know the format! Oh well, it does make for good telly :)

Watch the latest episode (Fashion) on BBC iPlayer
Watch the latest episode (You’re Fired) on BBC iPlayer

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  1. peter graham


    This latest episode of the ‘apprentice’ has been exciting and compulsive viewing..the quality of the majority of the candidates has improved greatly over the years and Lord Sugar has got himself an absolute ‘winner’ in Stella. What a breath of fresh air she is, particularly when you consider her unfortunate difficult upbringing, so it’s particularly ‘well done’ to her.
    However, what a lot of us would like to know is how the previous 5 apprentice winners have managed in Lord Sugar’s Empire. Are they still employed ?..if so, are they proving successful ?….if long did they last ?…and what are they doing now ??
    My suggestion would be to produce such a programme such as….
    ” The winning apprentices…where are they now ? ”
    That would be most interesting and compulsive viewing……………looking forward to positive response.
    ………Peter Graham

    • In The Frame


      It has been a great series and a worthy winner found too.

      Good thinking on the “Where are they now…?” – in fact, I can feel another blog post coming on ;)

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