The Apprentice – Who Are Your Final Four?

Okay so we are a few weeks in now and it’s getting interesting. So who are your Final Four?

Usually the last episode has 4 people in and we’ve already started working out who we think will be in it. So far we have:

Stella, Liz, Joanna and Chris
Stella, Liz, Jamie, Christopher

Stella and Liz seem to be doing really well in most people’s lists as does Jamie – however he’s been very much a background character from the start and not really done anything of note. Will he pick up from now or will he get the Sugar Bullet first?

Christopher has been good up to now but he was lucky to have won last week after the, quite frankly, appalling TV advert. He was at his best running the bakery which he did very well.

Joanna seems a bit of an outside bet as people seem to love her or loathe her. As much as she rubs some of the other contestants up the wrong way she usually knows what she’s on about and does talk sense – plus there seems to be a lacking of ego like Stuart “The Brand” and Alex “My Apples are Oranges”.

After being on the losing side last week, Chris may not be an obvious choice, but there was something about the way Lord Sugar sent him back to the house – as if he was urging him to do better. One to watch?

Think we’re talking as much rubbish as Alex did? Then let us know who your Final Four will be…

Go to The Apprentice website or watch a preview of Wednesday’s episode

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4 Comments → “The Apprentice – Who Are Your Final Four?”

  1. Kenty


    I would’ve said Liz, Stella, Chris and one other but after tonights episode I’m a little concerned as to how people are ‘selected’.

    Nick gave Apollo’s costs at £85 yet the car alone was £169.99 and that’s before purchasing sweets, medals and DVD’s.

    Are results being manipulated?

    • In The Frame


      That’s a good point actually as Synergy did make more sales yet somehow spent a lot more…and how much were they paying for DVD’s???

      Mmmm can feel another blog post coming on…

  2. In The Frame


    Thanks to Kenty we’ve managed to get the price on the car Stuart’s Team bought…

  3. Maaike


    You are totally right Kenty!
    We’ve been wondering how the racing track cost could simply vanish…!
    Surprising the women didn’t say more about how horrible Stuart behaved throughout the day.
    Manipulated results?? THAT would be really bad for The Apprentice!
    Last 4: Stella, Liz, Joanna and Christopher (can somebody please throw out Stuart?!)

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